Why US

Why Us

Zedcash is the next generation of accounting software which integrates crypto currencies onto the balance sheet and uses blockchain technology to implement triple entry accounting. Zedcash can be operated from a website, smart phone or tablet and uses AI, optical and voice recognition to offer investment advice and to automate the manual repetitive tasks which plague current accounting software. We aim to be the first to market in developing a fully decentralized triple entry framework for bookkeeping and accounting, a concept first developed by Yuji Ijiri in 1989.
Zed Cash Coin (ZED) is launched under the flagship Zed CEE Ltd, having their presence in Canada and USA.
It is a digital currency that uses cryptography for security and anti-counterfeiting measures by securing the transactions and controlling the creation of new units.
We have deployed secured hi-tech servers for our wallets and have multilayer verification levels for security and safety of your coins. So there will be no risk of fraud or rediscount on payments.

  • Accounting on the Blockchain
  • Triple Entry Accounting
  • Security

Zedcash will bring accounting to the blockchain. Instead of applications communicating with a server connected to a database it will instead communicate with the Zedcash blockchain, a decentralised distributed system consisting of many nodes that communicate with each other.

Zedcash using blockchain technology and triple entry accounting represents the next step forward for accounting. The aim of Zedcash is to create a global blockchain of interlocking transaction, invoices and other digital assets between companies worldwide which are validated, trackable, encrypted and complete. Instead of the old method of keeping separate records in localized ledgers, companies can write their transactions directly into a joint distributed register, creating an interlocking system of enduring accounting records.

We use biometric security such as face, voice recognition and fingerprint ID to log-in to our App. Our website uses password and 2 factor authorization and IP tracking/verification.

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