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ZedCash software features

Zed Cash takes special consideration of the wallet security. The platform incorporates various security features including network protection, up to date infrastructure, network backup, advanced monitoring and cold storage.

Smart Contracts
Fully Featured Payroll
AI to improve business efficiency
Triple Entry Accounting
Easily Generate Reports
About Zed Cash Coin

Zed Cash is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform and is designed for the benefit of global businesses and private individuals. We work on block chain technology, which is the safest one, in the world


Extremely easy to use. Our platform is built keeping the needs of the global cryptocurrency community in mind. In addition to conventional web-based trading and exchange platform, Zed Cash will also allow its customers to use their mobile devices for on the go login facility.

Superfast Execution

Safe and Secure

Real time monitoring of your wallet

Zed Cash Secured Platform

Blockchain Accounting Software

We will introduce blockchain accounting software for our customers which will help them manage their cryptocurrency in a simple way.

Cryptocurrency is a payment method which exists only in electronic form and is not tangible. It can be used to purchase goods and services but can also be restricted to certain online communities such as a gaming or social networks

All transactions will be monitored on a real-time basis.

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